How Do I Avoid Snacking at Home?

Snacking at home can be a major obstacle for a number of people. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just have a more structured diet, it can be tough to know for sure what the best way to go is to avoid it. Well, we’ve got a couple of tips that might help you out!

Eat Proper Meals

            It doesn’t matter what you do in a day, everybody has a minimum number of calories that they need in a day. These figures are readily available online, so make sure to look up your number so that you can figure out how much you should be eating.

            If you’re removing snacking from your life, you need to make sure that you can still get enough calories in your daily diet. If you don’t do this, then you will be running at a calorie deficit, which can be difficult for a number of people.

            Plan your meals ahead and aim to achieve roughly the right number of calories for someone of your size and age. Remember to factor in how much activity you’ll be doing in a day too - people working in a warehouse will need more calories in a day than people sitting at a desk. A good alternative for a healthy snack would be a protein shake from Bevego, this way you get the sweet kick but in a way that fulfils all your protein needs

Drink Plenty of Water

            This is a bit of a cliche health tip, but that’s only because it’s so good! Sometimes when you feel the urge to snack come on, it’s actually your body telling you that you need a little bit of water. Next time you feel peckish, try drinking a glass of water and waiting for fifteen minutes - it’s very likely that your urge to snack has gone down.

            If water doesn’t quite do the trick here, try making a cup of tea or coffee. The presence of the warm liquid in your body can actually ‘trick’ your stomach into not believing that you’re as hungry as you might be. Using this trick, you can push your hunger to the next meal time - cutting out snacking while still satisfying the craving.

Replace Candy with Sweet Alternatives

            This is a really life-changing piece of advice, and it’s so simple too! You’ll likely find that when you have the urge to eat a piece of candy or chocolate, you really just want something sweet.

In those cases, you can replace the piece of candy with a piece of fruit or another healthy-but-sweet alternative. We’d actually recommend giving yogurt a go - it’s a great sweet alternative that can be really healthy for you, especially if you struggle with gut biome issues. The Bevego chocolate hazelnut flavour is a great way to get rid of the sweet cravings but get that chocolate taste in your day!

Distract Yourself

            When you’re getting hungry, the sensations you feel are your body’s response to a set of hormones in your system. While those hormones can be released when your stomach is particularly empty, they can also be released when your brain expects food - for example your four-p.m. candy bar.

            If you ignore the craving by distracting yourself, then you can push past those hormones. They will be carried away by your bloodstream and processed by your kidneys - when they’re gone, the craving will be gone too.

Don’t Have Snacks in The House

            While this advice might seem a bit brutal, it’s worth considering if you know there are certain foods that you would really struggle to leave in the cupboard. For example, we know that we really struggle with having cookies in the cupboard - it’s very easy to return to the packet and get another at any time.

            Removing that problem snack from our kitchen means that we’d have to go to the shop to fulfil our craving. This higher activation energy will likely make you swat cravings away as quickly as they appear - you won’t want food if it’s particularly tough to get hold of.


            These are just a few of the many great pieces of advice that are available out there on the internet. We love learning about new ways that we can cut down on snacking in order to adhere to a healthier meal plan - it means that we can be just as healthy as we want to be.

            Try out a few of our tips soon, and let us know how you get on!


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We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi