"With all the health issues and poor nutritional choices in the world I just knew Bevego was something I had to do, I want to impact lives on a mass scale and help the world be a healthier happier place" - Louis Lattuca


Louis Lattuca has been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years working with a wide range of clients.


Due to the vast experience Louis has gained he has a great way with people and will make anybody, willing to learn and committed to developing a better them, feel completely relaxed and comfortable under his care.


Passing out in distinction with a sports diploma and working in a gym for two years Louis soon discovered there was much more to this industry than he first thought. Due to having a passion with health and fitness his whole life Louis knew this is what he wanted to do so as soon as college graduation was up he undertook a diploma in personal training.


Realizing that there is more to health than just the physical aspect of fitness, Louis has trained as a clinical nutritionist and CBT Councilor making sure that all aspects of his client’s needs can be covered no matter what the issue.


Whilst studying and working Louis also excelled as an athlete not only playing a high standard of semi-professional football but also notably having many boxing fights including representing England out in Las Vegas. Louis is also a keen martial artist and studies over 5 times per week in several different martial arts knowing that knowledge is power that he can pass onto his clients Louis has also gained the following qualifications in his time as a trainer.


Despite living well and training hard Louis has suffered some health issues and at the age of 31 had a heart attack caused by a virus! He is extremely lucky to be alive after 14 days in intensive care. He was told he would never exercise again and that was it…. Wrong.


Louis now lives a much more plant-based life and has made a full recovery from a near death experience. It doesn’t get more real than this.


This is why we care so much as a team. We know everyone's health can be improved with the right guidance.


Louis now runs Bevego full time and competes as a powerlifter with aspirations to make the GB squad.



Liam has been in the fitness/supplement industry for the past 18 years. 


Liam left university to follow his dream into the fitness industry to help people achieve their personal body goals, whilst fulfilling his passion for bodybuilding. 


After 8 years of Personal Training, Liam fulfilled another dream of opening his own Health & Supplement shop ‘More Than Nutrition’ in St Albans.


During his years owning and working in the shop, he developed a fantastic local business which became the center of nutrition & supplement advice in the area. Through customer interaction over the years Liam felt there was a big hole in the market, a great tasting lifestyle Vegan brand. The demand was there, but product selection was terrible. The sector just wasn’t appealing to anyone. 


In the following years Liam competed in a bodybuilding show, using his knowledge of training and correct nutrition to diet down from 30% body fat to 5% body fat. 


After the shop was sold, Liam worked for an American supplement brand and then  launched the Xplosive Ape Nutrition & Clothing brand.


When Liam & Louis were talking one day, the idea of a great tasting Vegan brand came up, they both knew something could be done to fill the hole in their market area. 




Giovanni John De Napoli a highly successful  driven entrepreneur in London, with over  35 years of  media experience in the UK he has a history of start-ups and ‘exits’ in the marketing industry.


He has a proven history of creating successful companies.  John is a hard working, motivated  individual, who loves life and creating new businesses. 


John has media connections across multiple industries within the UK with a worldwide reach. His company sectors include Media, Food manufacturing  (Factory/Food service), Wine and Olive Oil (Import), Tech/App development, Fashion, Health & Fitness.




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