Is this the perfect match? Plant based Health and Love!

Bevego are delighted to announce we have partnered with the world best vegan dating app, Veggly. 

We believe that improving health is not just about nutrition and training, but forging healthy relationships with like-minded people is an integral part of a better life. Vegan dating can be hard, but not with the help of Veggly.

For vegans and vegetarians, it helps if you know going into it that the other person thinks and eats like you. You can share meals in peace and have a good time, knowing you agree on the values important to you, such as protecting animals, your health and the planet

So, who are Veggly?

Veggly is the world’s number 1 vegan dating app and helps you in finding your Veg-Love. Veganism is not a diet: it’s a whole set of values.

What special offering will Bevego customers get?

Bevego customers will be given bonus access (10 free coins) to Veggly’s world-leading dating platform, which now has over 400,000 users globally, and over 40,000 in the UK. 

Right now Bevego is exclusive to UK customers and the UK was shown to be the best place in the world for vegan dating. Last year, in a study revealing the country to have the highest number of Veggly users in relation to population, UK was ahead of Germany and Australia.
We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi