can bevego vegan protein powders promote weightloss?

If you want to lose weight and need to know if our vegan protein powders will help,  Bevego will try to untie all the mysteries to becoming a healthier, better…YOU.

Many of us want to lose weight but most traditional weight loss options have been tried. The Keto, Paleo and other diet programmes usually result in short term fixes with a reduced long term result.

You're probably wondering what to try next and will Bevego vegan protein powders be a good solution? 

As with any other weight loss product on the market, results cannot be guaranteed. Each unique programme will depend on factors, including exercise and your daily calorie intake. However is you follow the recommended diet programme and maintain a healthy exercise regime, then Bevego protein powders can be an enormous aid in your weight loss journey and help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Let us help you make that decision.

How bevego Vegan Protein Powders can support your weight loss

Bevego vegan protein powders are a selection of nutritional ingredients that add more value to your daily meal intake.

Generally, when reducing the size of your meal portions, it is usual for one to initially feel light and energised, however this is neither sustainable nor beneficial to a long term weight loss programme.

By replacing one meal with a Bevego protein powder shake you will feel more satisfied for a longer period of time and be confident in the knowledge that you have consumed a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.

Because Bevego vegan protein powders contain soluble fibre, it acts as a natural appetite suppressant so one is less likely to snack on calorific foods and so more able to maintain higher energy levels.

This is what is required in order to support your weight loss journey.

Why are bevego Vegan Protein Shakes Effective?

If you have tried vegan protein shakes, you probably know the difference between these shakes and regular protein shakes made of casein/milk.

Good vegan protein powders provide the right amount of essential amino acids which are important for muscle development and strength. They help control the balance between the atrophy and growth of human muscle.

Supplementing your diet with essential amino acids may increase the supply of nitrogen to your body helping to build the body's antioxidant defences.

Amino acids are sometimes referred to as the building blocks of life or the building blocks of protein which is found in all our Bevego protein powders.

Our plant-based shakes contain everything you need to stay fit and this will help motivate you to sustain longer training sessions thus help to burn more calories.

How To Choose the Best Vegan Protein Shakes

If you consider using vegan protein shakes for weight loss, you must consider a few facts.

Vegan protein shakes are not all made the same. Some of them are more orientated to the boosting muscle repair, while others are made to provide more nutritional value.

No matter which reason you choose a vegan protein powder, here are some of the most common vegan protein shakes you can find right now.

Pumpkin Seed Protein Shakes

Shakes made of pumpkin seed are very high in protein and fats.

At the same time, these are low in threonine and lysine, which are parts of the proteins that protect against viruses.

In some products, you can find artificially added threonine and lysine, which is a good sign that manufacturers paid attention to health when creating their product.

Soy Protein Shakes

With a high amount of BCAAs (key in helping with muscle growth), soy protein shakes are providing you with essential amino acids that help build strong muscles in times of intense training sessions.

Some amino acids from the BCAA group called “essential amino acids” cannot be naturally produced by the body, which is why we need to find these ingredients in food.

Soy protein is a good source of essential amino acids.

Sunflower Seed Protein Shakes

Sunflower seed is another seed rich in BCAA’s, but low in amino acid lysine. To achieve the recommended level of all the relevant amino acids, sunflower seed protein shakes are usually enriched with quinoa protein powder.

As a result, we have a powder packed with all the amino acids necessary for effective muscle repair.

Chia Protein Powder Shakes

You have probably heard how powerful the chia seed is. We can use all the benefits like Omega 3 and Omega 6 that are found in this seed.

Plus as an addition, chia seed is full of nutrients such as calcium, protein, antioxidants, and dietary fibre.

Overall this is a good choice for protein powder for weight loss and muscle repair.

Why Vegan Protein Powder Provides Such a Weight Loss Potential

With many nutritional ingredients and diverse usage of the plant-based protein powder, we can be sure that we have a powerful health-boosting drink.

Vegan protein powder is not only healthy. It is also good for overall metabolism. Which helps in weight loss.

We also experience better energy levels that are crucial for our weight loss activities.

Overall vegan protein powder is a great nutritional tool to help with weight loss.

Please note: Not all the products on the market are equally good, and that is why we need to pay close attention to what we are buying.

If you are eager to lose weight, then vegan protein powders might be an ideal solution.


Are vegan protein powders good for teenagers?

Many practitioners and weight-loss experts claim that vegan protein powder shakes have no harmful effect on teenagers and young groups of users. Therefore, the usage is safe and recommended in weight loss programs.

Is vegan protein powder made of completely animal-free ingredients?

Vegan protein powder must be made of animal-free ingredients. If you find protein powder products on the market that are enriched with non-vegan ingredients, then those products are non-vegan.

Will vegan protein powder help me lose weight fast?

As with any other weight loss product on the market, there are no guaranteed results.

Your weight loss program is unique and it depends on many factors including exercise and the daily calories you consume.

However, if you stick to your recommended diet, maintain the healthy exercise program and live a healthy life, then Bevego Protein Powder can be a great help in your weight loss journey.