Tips For Better Work Life Balance

If you’re feeling burnt out and like work is taking its toll you’re probably not balancing your work and life as well as you could be. One major issue with this is your nutrition tends to fall out of sync due to rushing and not having healthy food at your convenience when you need it. A good option here is to supplement with a healthy plant based option. Bevego offers great tasting supplements packed with nutrients to stop you snacking on unhealthy nutrient deficient fast foods.

Work Smart

Managing your time effectively and giving yourself an allocated amount of time to complete certain tasks while getting the mundane ones out of the way first means you can work smart, not long.

Also using apps for productivity with this in mind helps me so much. We recommend tracking your calorie and nutrient needs on my fitness pal to make sure you're tracking your goals.

Take A Break

Make sure you stop for lunch for an hour and don’t even look at any work until that hour is up. It’s good to take a break and just regroup. A rest is good and food is needed to make you more productive and alert. If you go outside and leave your workplace for a little while that's even better!


If you have a busy schedule we recommend making the bulk of your food on the weekend ready for the week ahead. For example you may want to prepare all your lunches in Tupperware for the week, if you know you can manage breakfast and dinner effectively. Then for you snacks you can have good plant based options such as nuts, seeds, fruit or a Bevego shake.

Reduce Your Stress

Try and exercise and do whatever works for you to keep stress at bay. Go for walks, spend time in nature, meditate, have a cup of herbal tea etc. There’s a link between mental health and work-related stress so it’s important to take it seriously and look after yourself.

Make Plans

Make sure you try and make plans with family/friends so you’re getting some quality non work time. Even adding a reminder to make plans at least twice a month to see friends and family can be helpful (that’s what I do in my productive app). It’s good to know that it’s there and you have something that’s not work to look forward to.


When we train hard, don't get enough sleep or just generally feel stressed we burn through nutrients at a much faster rate. If you are nutrient deficient you are going to risk getting sick. This is why supplements are good to make sure you are giving your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs to run effectively. Bevego Green and Reds Superfood is an amazing full spectrum multi health powder that covers all bases to make sure you feel great.

Learning To Say No

One of the things we tend to be bad at is saying no. We tend to say yes to everything and get severely overworked and burnt out. This includes saying to to unhealthy foods we may be tempted with. You can’t take on everything, especially for little to no reward for you. It will just leave you feeling exhausted and deflated.

Only take on things you can manage and if you have some more free time than expected then look at other projects you can take on. It will leave you feeling less overwhelmed at your workload and also mean you can manage your time more effectively.


Happiness = better productivity & less stress which = better mental health.

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